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Our interest in wildlife friendly planting started many years ago in our own garden; conscious of the environmental pressures which we impose on bees, butterflies, other pollinating insects, and of course song birds.

Aware that the UK had lost some 97% of its wildflower meadows since the 1930’s, with a major impact on pollinator numbers, we focused our efforts on the average British garden; realizing that any size of garden can benefit wildlife.

Whilst a large corner of a garden can be great for a spectacular display of wildflowers, a pocket handkerchief can be just as good for a wildlife friendly mini-meadow, and even window boxes or planters can make a difference.

When we started the business in a very small way in 2010, it was clear that as a society we cannot go on as we are. Our rapid growth, and the enthusiasm from customers over the last few years reflects that we're not alone in our concerns!

Flower meadows are at the heart of everything we do, alongside a range of hand-picked accessories designed to make your gardening easier and more enjoyable.

We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us, and that our products will evoke the timeless beauty of flower meadows of years gone by.