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  • Pro-Flora 90

    Pro-Flora 90
    Pro-Flora 90Pro-Flora 90Pro-Flora 90Pro-Flora 90

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    Heritage Mixture

    General purpose wildflower mixture suitable for Amenity Landscaping and Habitat Recreation

    Wildflower and Grasses Mixture

    In order to meet with the increasing demand for conservation mixtures, we offer a professional range to create specific habitats in large areas.

    Wildflowers 10% of mix

    Grasses 90% of mix

    Sowing time:

    Spring or Autumn preferably

    Sowing rate:


    Maintenance Summary - First Year
    • First cut 5cm March/April (Spring seeding 1st cut in May)
    • Cut every 2 months or when sward reaches 15cm
    • Final cut September/October
    • Remove all cuttings
    Maintenance Summary - Future Years
    • First cut 7.5cm March/April
    • Second cut 7.5cm August/October
    • Remove all cuttings




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