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  • Pro-Flora 10

    Pro-Flora 10
    Pro-Flora 10Pro-Flora 10Pro-Flora 10Pro-Flora 10

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    Cornfield Annuals

    Wildflower mixture suitable for Amenity Landscaping and Habitat Recreation

    100% British Native Wildflowers & Grasses

    In order to meet with the increasing demand for conservation mixtures, we offer a professional range to create specific habitats in large areas.

    Species List - Wildflowers 20% of mix

    Agrostemma githago (Corn Cockle) - 30%
    Centaurea cyanus (Corn Flower) - 20%
    Chrysanthemum segetum (Corn Marigold) - 15%
    Papaver rhoeas (Corn Poppy) - 5%
    Silene alba (White Campion) - 10%
    Anthemis arvensis (Corn Chamomile) - 20%

    Species List - Grasses 80% of mix

    Festuca rubra (Red Fescue) - 20%
    Cynosurus cristatus (Crested Dogstail) - 24%
    Festuca ovina (Sheeps Fescue) - 40%
    Agrostis castellana (Browntop Bent) - 8%
    Poa pratensis (Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass) - 8%

    Sowing time:

    Best sown in Spring or Autumn

    Sowing rate:


    Maintenance Summary

    Make the first cut in early March, and a second cut once the flowering period is over in September/October. Harrow in Autumn or Spring to regenerate annuals.





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