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  • Shrub & Rose Bush

    Shrub & Rose Bush
    Shrub & Rose BushShrub & Rose Bush

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    Our Shrub & Rose mixture provides a natural floral ground-cover, reducing the need for weeding and the use of plastic or canvas sheeting. This mixture attracts a large number of beneficial insects, and is highly recommended as an alternative to pesticides.

    • Contains 26 species for a garden that's in flower for two years or more.
    • Sow early in April for greatest diversity.

    Average height: - 40cm

    Aspect: Sun or partial-shade

    Soil type: Loam, Dry, Stony, Sandy

    Sowing time: Spring or Autumn

    First signs of blossom: 6 to 8 weeks after sowing. From April in the second year

    Average flowering period: 3 months

    26 annual & perennial species

    including Lobularia maritima, Cheiranthus allionii, Cheiranthus maritimus, Brachycome iberidifolia, Cerastium tomentosum, Chysanthemum paludosium, Clarkia pulchella, Dimorpheteca sinuata, Iberis amara, Myosotis alpestris, Nemophila menziesii and Silene pendula.

    Price: £21.99 (30m2) - SPECIAL OFFER £14.99


    Shaded Area
    Shaded Area


    Wild Flowers
    Wild Flowers


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