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  • Live Bumblebee Villa

    Live Bumblebee Villa
    Live Bumblebee VillaLive Bumblebee VillaLive Bumblebee VillaLive Bumblebee Villa
    Live Bumblebee VillaLive Bumblebee VillaLive Bumblebee Villa

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    British made large timber bumblebee home 

    A live, moveable colony of native pollinating bumble bees (species: Bombus terrestris audax) for the garden, orchard, vegetable plot or simply for education and interest. 

    Bumble bees are great pollinators and will increase your fruit, vegetable and flower crops, they are widely used in commercial horticulture for this purpose. They can even work in poor, dull weather conditions when other bees are not around.
    The Villa features an inner doorway which can be set to allow only incoming bees, thus, if required, allowing movement of the hive at night to a new pollinating area.

    Villas are supplied with a large Beepol bumblebee hive containing a UK native species of bumblebee; Bombus terrestris audax. Each colony comprises a queen, workers, eggs and a sugar water food supply for the bees. A small amount of pollen is also added to the colony to help the bees during their transportation. Each hive colony starts with approximately 50-60 workers.

    All villas are supplied in pale lilac, and can be over-painted in a suitable water based exterior paint.

    *Hive deliveries are generally made between May and July only*

    Delivered price: £195.00



    Bees Seedball Mix
    Bees Seedball Mix


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