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What can I sow in a semi-shaded area under trees?

I have an area of about 2 square metres only under an apple tree (semi-shade) the soil has little depth (trees and shrub roots). Which pack of seed would you recommend? Would the yellow (shade) pack be best? What colours are in that pack and are some of the flowers fairly tall? Is it best if I somehow make the soil less fertile? Am I wasting my time (and yours!)?  I have a bag of peat – any good?

A) The best mixture for your situation would be ‘Tree Foot’, a short (-50cm) mixture that should do well under apple trees. The 7m2 pack is more seed than you need, but you can save any unused seed for 3 years. For best results we do recommend turning the soil, and cultivating to a depth of 10cm, but where roots are present you should attempt to scarify the surface as rigorously as possible. Our mixtures will do well in a reasonably fertile soil, so no need to impoverish the area.


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I bought a box of 'Passion' from you last September at the RDA fair.  It turned out rather well so I thought you would like to see a picture. Patricia Phipps